Upcoming/Ongoing Events

Upcoming Events

Let’s have some fun! Join us for a live Zumba event!

To register please click the Eventbrite link below: 


Ongoing Events

Soles 4 Souls Shoes and Eyeglass Campaign!

If you have gently worn men, women and children shoes and eyeglasses please email us at: AKAOmegaPsiOmega@gmail.com

The Phirst and Phinest Fitness Challenge!

✨Join Omega Psi Omega as we continue our commitment to being a healthier you and living our BEST life!

✨If you are unable to complete the suggested workouts, go for a walk and try to complete anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 steps each day. Remember to drink 64 oz of water each day. Also, add 20 to 50 sit-ups to your daily routine.

✨At the end of each week, celebrate all of your successes! And take a moment to focus on self-care with Sisterly Self-Care Sunday! This fitness challenge isn’t solely about our waistline but our overall wellness!

Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint! See you at the finish line June 30, 2022!